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Network Marketing is being taught in more than 200 colleges including Harvard Business School. After extensive research into the network marketing industry, Harvard Business School developed three criteria that a network marketing company must meet in order to make it a most desirable opportunity. They are:
1. The company should be at least 18 months old, as 90% of all network marketing companies that fail do so in the first 18 months. (Rodan + Fields is 3 years old)
2. The company should have a product which is unique and highly consumable, unique in this case means that you have an exclusive product that can only be purchased from your company’s distributors. Having a product that is highly consumable means repeated sales, thereby guaranteeing customers loyalty versus a one time sale and having to locate new customers. (Rodan+ Fields products are highly consumable)
3. It needs to be a “ground floor” opportunity. Harvard Business School suggests that in order for the opportunity to qualify as “ground floor” the number of existing active distributors should be less than ½ of 1% of the population (300 million in the United States) in the country where this network marketing company exists. In the United States this figure is equal to 1.5 million people. Harvard Business School also stated that if there were less than 500,000 people involved, you would be on the cutting edge of a great opportunity. If the company has less than 100,000 distributors, Harvard Business School considers it to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. (Rodan +Fields has 10,000)
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Improve Your Skin and Make Money Doing It!!!!!

I have partnered with the creators of Proactiv Solution®, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields to help others WRITE THEIR PRESCRIPTION FOR CHANGE!

I am looking for self-motivated and talented people who are interested in becoming independent RODAN + FIELDS CONSULTANTS. Rodan+Fields is now recruiting leaders to help them build an international distribution network. If you are ready to take initiative and willing to put in the effort, then your timing couldn’t be better. This is a ground-floor opportunity with excellent products and amazing earning potential.

Take a look at the information on this website and let me know if this lucrative home-based business opportunity sounds like the right move for you!


If you’d rather keep your day job and just treat your own skin, you can learn all about the Rodan + Fields products and order them at dbridleyrph.myrandf.com

Who is The Skincare RPh?
I am DeShawndre Bridley,  a licensed pharmacist  and chronic acne sufferer who was able to treat my own acne after being introduced to the Rodan + Fields unblemish regimen and able to supplement my salary as a pharmacist by becoming an independent Rodan + Fields Consultant. See About The Skincare RPh to find out more about me.

Who Are Rodan and Fields?
Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields are dermatologists who developed a unique regimen based approach to skin care and revolutionized the treatment of acne. See About Rodan + Fields for more information.

Why is their Approach Unique?

Drs. Rodan and Fields are the first to have implemented the concept of treating acne with a daily regimen of preventative medications.  As a pharmacist I can vouch for the fact that it takes multiple medications to treat multiple symptoms. This approach is called Multi-Med Therapy.  In their on-going medical practices, Doctors Rodan and Fields discovered that there are many more common skincare needs beyond acne, including wrinkles and sun damage, for which most people never see a dermatologist.  Oftentimes people simply go to the pharmacist’s counter for their skincare concerns. My team brings dermatologists and pharmacists directly to you.

Why Aren’t They Selling the New Products in Stores?

As Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields created their new Rodan + Fields skincare products to extend their vision of bringing dermatology-based skin treatment to everyone, they immediately found themselves with top selling products in top tier department stores such as Nordstroms, Bergdorf Goodman, Bendel’s & others. But they quickly realized their vision could never be fully realized when kept under glass.In an unprecedented move, Rodan + Fields became the first prestige skincare line to exit the department store for the world of direct selling.

What Does a Rodan + Fields Skincare Consultant Do?

Rodan + Fields consultants are PRODUCT AMBASSADORS! We use the products and spread the word. The first priority is to introduce the Rodan + Fields products to as many people as possible. Their revolutionary approach to skin care addresses neglected skin conditions in a growing market so the products tend to generate immediate excitement. Once your clients are passionate about their skin and passionate about the Rodan + Fields products, it only makes sense for them to earn extra income for spreading the word as well. You have the unique opportunity to sponsor other consultants and build an entire multi-level team. Because it is early, Rodan + Fields is offering huge bonus incentives for building an extensive international distribution network!

So, is this Multi-Level Marketing?
Most people call it Network Marketing or Direct Selling these days, but the quick answer is “yes”.  If this sends up a red flag for you, you’re not alone. I was very skeptical so I did some research. Take a look at my MLM / Network Marketing Information here. In a nutshell, I discovered that Network Marketing is a very successful and legitimate Business Model.   Network marketing is being touted as the business model of the 21st century. This is not a pyramid scheme and I’d just as well argue that the corporation you probably work for is a pyramid scheme.  A corporation has one person (the CEO) at the top and everyone else is beneath them.  Now compare that to a true network marketing business such as Rodan + Fields and it is the exact OPPOSITE of the traditional business model.  A network-marketing business is designed to bring YOU to the top, not keep you at the bottom.  Additionally, the Rodan + Fields opportunity is exceptional for a number of reasons:

  1. Foundation of Credibility. As the creators of Proactiv®, Rodan + Fields already has Name Recognition with extensive press and media coverage. Although I have met many people who are unfamiliar with the name “Rodan + Fields” I have not YET run into a person who was not familiar with the name “Proactiv Solution.”

  2. Timing and Positioning.The Rodan + Fields direct marketing initiative launched in September 2008. There are currently less than 2000 consultants nationwide. The country is wide open.

  3. Tax breaks increase.  By starting a network marketing business from home in your spare time while keeping your regular job, you gain tax advantages.  A person with a part-time business can take more tax deductions than employees can.  For example, you may be able to deduct car expenses, gas, some meals and entertainment.  Please check with a CPA for the exact information per your state.

How Much Income Can I Earn?
It all depends how much time you put into it and how hard you work.  Before starting, ask yourself do I want to do it small, medium or LARGE. Some highly successful consultants are earning six-figure yearly incomes by the sixth month. I have already recouped my initial investment and am profitable after two months. Here four ways you can make money with Rodan+Fields, but also check out the compensation plan for more information:

  • 25% Retail Profit on the sale of Rodan + Fields skincare products.

  • 15% Payment on Front Line Consultants.You earn 15% of the revenue generated by yourself AND the consultants that YOU recruit.

  • 5% Payment on Downlines 1-5.These are the consultants underneath the consultants that you recruit. You earn 5% of the revenue generated by all the consultants below you all the way down to the 5th level.

  • Bonuses. There are major bonus incentives.

How Much Are the Start-Up Costs?
The JUMPSTART KIT is the most popular among consultants and gives you all the information, products, and tools you need to instantly start your business (including your own personal website). Cost of the JUMPSTART KIT is $395 ($645 retail value). Visit the Business Building Kits page for information about the LEADERSHIP EXPRESS KIT and a full breakdown of products and tools that are available to help you start your business.

What Happens After I Enroll?
As your sponsor, it is my goal to get you off to a strong start. I am anxious to get you informed and up to speed as soon as possible. In addition to having The Skincare RPh as a resource, you will have full access to ongoing Rodan + Fields training and support. You will have your own personal website as well as access to the Rodan + Fields consultant portal where you will find business information, business tools, insider scoops, training materials, webinars and more. To check out some of the marketing material available to you, visit the RF Mall.

Ready to get started?Just complete the Consultant Application on our Rodan + Fields Personal Website to start your business today. If you need additional information or would like us to walk you through the enrollment process, please email skincarerph@theskincarerph.com or call me directly at (407)271-5493 and I will schedule an appointment to meet your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
~The SkincareRPh

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